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Residual Hauntings


Ghost Whisperer | CBSDescription: Apparitions are ghosts who appear solid, partial, visible or slightly invisible. Most of the time, they are somewhat transparent and appear as they did when they were living. An apparition is aware of the living and can interact either friendly or unfriendly. They are thought to have unfinished business in this world.

Locations Spotted: --- Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery
Corner of South Lamar Blvd and Barton Skyway
An Old Cemetery @ I-35 and Stassney Lane in Austin, TX

Explanation: ---

Vortex or Funnel Ghosts

Types of Ghosts - Ghost WhispererDescription: --- A swirling vortex, looks like a puff of smoke. Misty with interesting swirls.

Locations Spotted: --- Mainly indoors, outdoor sightings are rare.

Explanation: ---

Shadow Ghosts

Ghost Whisperer | CBSDescription: shadow ghosts appear as a shadow of sorts. They look a bit like ecto-mist but are dark grey to blck in colour. In photographs, it's easy to confuse them with natural shadows, so be careful with your analysis. They are usually extremely sneaky and evasive. When they are spotted it's usually out of the corner of your eye or as they are darting through a wall. They can also be spotted as a reflection in shinny objects and mirrors. As for photography, They are one of the rarest ghost types to be captured on film. Birds and cats are especially sensitive to them.

Locations Spotted: ---

Explanation: ---


Description: A disruptive ghost, whose activities are often violent. A poltergeist might move objects or create dangerous situations for those in a household.

Locations Spotted: --- These Ghosts are most commonly found in homes and houses, but they can be in schools, offices, auditoriums, and even theaters.

Explanation: --- Some Paranormal researchers and some Psychologists actually believe poltergiest activity can be caused by very strong psychic enerygy produced by people who feel angry or angsty, especially teenagers. At least thats what the books say!


They are Here

Description: They are said to be ghosts who choose to channel their energy in the form of an orb of bright light, some of these can be different colours. Transparent orbs usually have logical explanations for their appearances.

Locations Spotted: Anywhere

Explanation: Usually just dust (if transparent) captured on film.

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Ghost Mom

Ghost celebration

Type of Ghost

Types of Ghosts - Ghost WhispererDescription: --- Deep blue ovel shaped light that follows you around in dreams and in life, they will attack you after a death such as a close pet. People who have seen these advise not to touch them. They say the ghost will be found in the dreams, but soon either move on or are ripped apart.

Locations Spotted: --- Dreams or household, school, and jobs

Explanation: --- There are no explanations. I need one for a friend who is very afraid right now please comment what you think.


Types of Ghosts - Ghost WhispererDescription: --- An apparation usually revealing itself to a member of ones family. It looks like another member of the family in every possible way.

Locations Spotted: --- Mainly around the home and outdoors.

Explanation: --- Doppleganger is german for double goer. If one is seen who ever the likeness is like, is said to die soon after.

Revenge Ghosts

Types of Ghosts - Ghost WhispererDescription: --- Angry Ghosts that are often attached to a specific person or place and are very agressive, causing harm to the people in that particular place. However, most of these types of Ghosts direct their activity mostly toward a specific person, most likely someone who wronged the in life.

Locations Spotted: --- It depends on which places the ghost is attached to, but some do travel around with the person they want revenge on.

Explanation: ---

Territorial Ghosts
Types of Ghosts - Ghost WhispererDescription: ---Ghosts attached to a specific territory, like a house, graveyard, or even schoolyard that had significance to them in life. Unlike residula ghosts, they acknowledge living people and may even resort to violence to get them out of the territory.

Locations Spotted: --- Most often in buildings or places with violent or sad histories.

Explanation: ---

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xXx601Son seen ghosts 1 Jan 15 2012, 3:13 AM EST by dungdu24
Thread started: Oct 18 2011, 7:08 PM EDT  Watch
My little cousin is about 7 and him and my grandmother has seen a ghost. Both of them describe it as a female, wearing a brown hoodie and can't see her face. When its seen it is just sitting on the foot of the bed in my grandmothers room, and once has been seen standing in front of my little cousins tv in his room... I would like to know possible ideas of what this might be. Please reply or post along with this post if you have any comments or ideas, thank you.
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Deadlyte Haunted person Please help 13 Jul 26 2011, 4:38 AM EDT by whitehawk1
Thread started: Nov 10 2009, 6:54 AM EST  Watch
Since i was a child I have had something attached to me, I actually think that there is more than one something attached to me. I suffer from sleep paralysis, which is an unexplainable condition of vivid dreams or hallucintations during sleep. I have been checked my psychologists and doctors with a clean bill of health and sanity. The hallucinations in my dreams always concern my immediate surroundings, I have even seen my children doing exactly what they were doing when i woke up, in these dreams. I have also seen the hallucinations after waking from one of the episodes while i was fully awake. I have seen my room covered in a gold curtain with someone standing behind one moving it as if trying to get in ( i was 5yrs old when that happened). On another occasion I woke up and saw what i had seen in my dream...bright glowing symbols, thousands of them, swirling around my walls.
But, thats only a small part of it. I have always had a black cloud follow me from childhood to now and im in my 30's now. My mother married a man who abused me then she began using drugs and abandoned me. I lived on the streets from the time i was 11 until i was 14. I will leave out all of those gory details, but it was a horrifying experience. When i was 14 i met a man who changed my life, showed me how to love again and i had two children with him by the time i was 23. When i was one month pregnant with our second child, he was murdered. Its been 8 years and it is still an unsolved homicide. I remarried a couple years later to a man i had been best friends with for 15 years. Right after our engagement adnd the birth of my third child strange things began to happen. Every dish in my cabinet flew out and shattered into millions of peices all around my daughter and i, neither of us even got a scratch, Things began to fly off the walls, my brand new car began to have mysterious ailments mechanics could not figure out, Like stalling for no reason. To be continued
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rosie_chackita Ghost Sighting: a Little Girl & Man 0 May 29 2011, 7:09 PM EDT by rosie_chackita
Thread started: May 29 2011, 7:09 PM EDT  Watch
My family moved into this home around 1997 and a few people have seen this little girl on the property. For instance, back then my cousin just learned how to speak sentences clearly; I went to visit her one day and she told me she saw a little girl hanging in our grandmas laundry room, i thought nothing of it back then because i dont believe stuff until i see it. Well years have passed its 2011 and through out the years my Grandpa and Great Uncle has seen her my grandpas bus, my moms brother lived in a trailer in the back yard and he saw her trying to talk to him sitting in a tree, and another cousin has seen her. When both my cousins described what the girl looked like they described the same appearences, a little girl with dark long hair.

Also a man has been seen by my sisters who was watching them from outside through a window, he vanished when they looked away for just a second, there was another time when he was all white when my brother seen him but he was grey and the spirit/ghost called his name.

it scares me because a few people in my family was diagnosed with schizophrenia/sent to a mental hospital because of what they told professionals. My sister was recently sent to a mental hospital and when i asked her about the little girl she became violent by swiping things off of the table, broke a few pens by scribbling hard on her self-evaluation paper; threw a chair and tried to flip a table.

On my famils property, a pan and cup was thrown across the kitchen after my grandpa passed in April 2011 and the little girl was seen by my cousin when she was just learning how to talk and every time i ask her if she remembers telling me she gets scared. What kind of ghost or spirts are these? Bad, Good, Evil?...
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