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Character is played by: Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Melinda Gordon - played by Jennifer Love Hewitt
What we know: She can see and communicate with the Dead. She was married to Fireman/ Paramedic Jim Clancy and they live in a fixer-upper house in Grandview. Jim was killed by accident in the beginning of season 4 however, his spirit entered the body of Sam. She is a sixth generation Ghost Whisperer, her Great-Great-Great-Grandmother (Tessa) being first (revealed in S03e05). Melinda owns and operates an antique store in Grandview called "Same As It Never Was Antiques". When stressed, she takes solace in ice cream. She also takes turns with Delia buying coffee at the local Village Java. She is the best role-model anyone could have. Delia is still having trouble trying to believe that Melinda can see and speak to the dead. She also didn't go by Mel Clancy because she wanted her own identity (SO1E02) What she don't now is that she has a brother who is her enemy. He has got dark forses in his hands. He want to hurt her. He wanna have every spirit stay on Earth.

What we don't know:
What the baby she is expecting can do. (It was mentioned by a ghost it will be able to do more than Melinda.)
Her role in the town( aside from keeping ghost away :>)): She owns a antique store in town.

Family: Husband: Jim Clancy. Mother: Beth Gordon. Father: Paul Eastman, Grandmother (deceased): Mary Ann. Great-Great Grandmother Julia Lee Lucas. Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Tessa Lucas.Other: Gabriel (half-brother, s03e05 she gets Gabriel's records from the hospital he was at she had to send her Birth Certificate to prove she was family for them to release the records) and of course her ghost dog Homer! Also, Melinda is currently expecting a baby boy.

Melinda and Jim's true love: Melinda was lucky enough to find her one true love, Jim. They share a love like you have never seen before. Jim is the first person, other than her grandmother, who actually accepted and believed her gift. Jim was able to accept her for who she really was because he loved her so much. Jim is Melinda's hero, he is the one who is always there for her and protects her. Jim is Melinda's rock!! Melinda loves Jim with all of her heart, she is lost without him. After a long day of dealing with ghosts, it is nice for Melinda to be able to go home and be with Jim!!! Jim is who keeps Melinda sane, his love keeps her grounded. Their love is unbreakable. Melinda was devastated when Jim died but their love will transend death. Which shows you just how strong their love for each other is!!!

Character connections: Jim Clancy, Professor Payne, Gabriel, Delia Banks, Andrea Marino (Deceased), Wide Brim Hat Man (Romano), Laughing man, Eli (friend who can hear ghosts and helps Melinda!)
Melinda Quotes: Melinda
''I might be just like you, except that from the time I was a little girl I knew that I could talk to the dead.''

"He can hear you. He's right next to me."

"I don't take orders from ghosts!"

"You know what they say about paybacks."

"If I don't help them who will?"

"If you wanna a hear my story, i have to tell you theirs.''

"Do you see the light?"
Melinda & Jim"My name is Melinda Gordon. I'm married, I live in a small town, and I own an antique shop. I might be just like you except that from the time I was a little girl I knew I could talk to the dead. 'Earthbound spirits' my grandmother called them. They're stuck here because they have unfinished business with the living and they come to me for help. In order to tell you my story, i have to tell you theirs." -- intro season 2 --

"Life's too short. I mean what the hell are we waiting for? Let's have a baby!" (3x18; Pater Familias)


"Kids can almost always see spirits. Where do you think imaginary friends come from?"

"What happens to these people in their last moments, it really matters."

"You're awake!!! I LOVE YOU!!" (Melinda talking to Jim's ghost) (4x06; Imaginary Friends and Enemies)

"No. Not you. Oh god, please! Not you!" (Melinda talking to Jim's ghost) (4x06; Imaginary Friends and Enemies)

Romantic connections:
Jim Clancy (wonderful husband)

Kyle McCall (college boyfriend) (Kyle was told of Melinda's gift, but he didn't believe her. Once he died, he went to her. Only THEN did he realize she was telling the truth and he wanted to be with her forever.)
Names known as:
-Melinda Gordon
-Melinda Clancy

Ghost Whisperer

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hello melinda i wanted to know if you can achuly see and speak to the dead please get back to me.
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Do you know if aiden is Jim's son or sam's.
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When are the new episods going to start my wife and i cant wait, This show bring us together for family time. Jennifer Love-Hewitt is a great actress and awsome for bringing this show to families like me.
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