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5.04 Do Over
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Airdate: October 16, 2009

A couple of teenage boys break into the hospital morgue so they can lie down in a morgue drawer. One of them gets in the drawer, says, "Fifteen minutes, OK?" to his cohort, then his friend closes the drawer and waits outside nervously. Inside, the young man lights a lighter so he can see but something -- or someone -- keeps blowing it out. We see the ghost of a surgeon with a scalpel, and he's going for this kid's neck. His friend outside hears screams of "Let me out!" but the drawer now won't open and the friend runs.

Jim sees the kids and an older man talking to the police. One kid is yelling that the morgue is haunted. Jim stops a nurse, who tells him that they'd broken into the morgue because they're "bored, stupid, all the above" (kids these days!). She's wheeling away some '50s-era surgical tools that Jim admires. He tucks one into his coat to keep before it gets melted down.

That night Jim shows the tool, which is a suction tube, to Aiden. "I don't like operations," Aiden says. Holding the tool, we can see that Aiden feels something associated with it. He hands the tool back to his dad and says, "I'm sorry. I feel like I did something wrong." As Jim carries him upstairs,Aiden sees the surgeon ghost in the living room, trying to pick up his tool.

Delia's on a date with a lawyer. She's confident; he's nervous. The waiter comes over with a bottle of wine (the waiter's Sal from "Mad Men"!), insists they have it with his compliments, and even though Delia declines, he opens the bottle and proceeds to spill the red wine on her white shirt. The lawyer date yells to the waiter to get some towels. He berates the waiter and mocks him.Hmmm, anger issues. Even though Delia liked Roger, she decides to "throw him back."

At the morgue, the attendant is sliding a body into the drawer. He goes about his work, then hears a pounding from the drawer. When he slides it open, the corpse's face is in the mid-scream. Jim calls Melinda to tell her about the incident and that the morgue is haunted.

When Delia leaves her office, she sees a bath of red rose petals to her car and a note that says "Roses are red."

At home Melinda's reading downstairs and hears something... in the kitchen she sees the surgeon scrubbing up, asking if the patient is ready. A nurse appears to say the patient is ready, and they walk off.

The next day Melinda and Jim go to the morgue and she tries to rouse a ghost. A body suddenly sits up, grabs a scalpel, and the gurney wheels toward them. The corpse has the couple cornered when it collapses back down. "You've got a haunted morgue here," says Melinda.

Melinda finds the teen who was in the morgue with his skateboarder friends. He tried to come off tough to them, and she quietly tells him that she sees ghosts and wants to talk with him. He agrees to meet her elsewhere. Once he's out of sight of his friends, we learn the kid just moved to town to live with his grandparents and has constructed this thug persona so no one will kick him around. In his old town he was just the math geek. The morgue stunt was an initiation, he tells Melinda, and he didn't see anything but he felt someone touching him.

That night Melinda sees the surgeon and nurse again, at the same time, 9:13. Then she sees the whole OR. "We're gonna fix you up, son" says the doctor to the patient on the table, who Melinda watches. His eyes snap open "They're killing me," he says, then the anesthesia mask goes over his face.

As Delia walks to her office, and shower of purple petals falls on her. The note says, "Roses are red, violets are blue..." Delia tells Melinda it's Roger doing this. He's called a few times, but she refuses to call him back. She says she can't be won over.

Delia tells Melinda that it's all over town that the morgue is haunted. Melinda says the surgery visions are Aiden's dreams.

Eli's sick and envisions he has swine flu or flesh-eating bacteria. His mother's ghost appears and says, "It's probably hives. You had hives on your rear end all through the fourth grade." Eli has laryngitis, and there are conversation notes all over the apartment to her. He asks for privacy, and mom disappears. Jim has the vintage surgical tool, and Eli can hear a voice from it: "I killed somebody, I killed him."

So the visions aren't Aiden's dreams, they're coming from the instrument. This ghost is reliving a traumatic event over and over till he can figure out how to make it right, Melinda tells Jim that night. He asks what kind of surgery it is. Conveniently, it's 9:13, and surgery commences. She describes to Jim that they're using a machine called theOxygenator , which he says is one of the first heart-lung machines. The staff take the patient off the machine and operate on his chest. The patient goes into cardiac arrest. The nurse yells for the surgeon to do something, but he collapses. Melinda says the doctor made a mistake and the patient died on the table. ThenAiden walks in. He feels like he did something wrong, he didn't mean it, he says.

Melinda speculates that the morgue ghost could be the patient that was killed. The haunting began the day Jim found the instrument. Jim goes into the files at the hospital to get more information. He finds the file of a Dr. Glassman, whose patient died on the table on Oct. 16, 1959, and he also died the same day. Yelling interrupts Jim -- attendants are running from a nearby room. When Jim enters, a covered body seems to be breathing; as lights flash on and off, he briefly sees the body look at him in horror.

Jim tells Melinda what he's discovered, and she says they need to get the Dr. Glassman ghost and the patient ghost together to resolve their issues, but Jim's distracted... there's a mime following Delia. She begs him to go away, and he hands over a sunflower and a note: "Roses are red, violets are blue, I can't hide my feelings." She tells the mime to go away, he's creeping her out, but first he holds out his gloved hand for a tip.

Back at the morgue, Melinda tries to summon the patient. He appears, wearing the anesthesia mask. She begs him to forgive the doctor. His death was an accident, she says. The patient says, "What happened to me, what happened to everybody here, was no accident." His head batters against the morgue drawers and he disappears.

That night at the surgery vision, Melinda talks to the patient on the table. She tells him he'll feel angry, like he'll want revenge, but he should just cross into the light and find peace. She apologizes for not knowing his name and goes to look at his hospital wristband. He pages the teen and asks if he's related to William Jett. Turns out that's his grandfather's name, but his grandfather's alive and well. He happens to walk up at that moment. She asks if he had heart surgery in 1959. She thought the doctor made a mistake -- that he died on the table. "Dr. Glassman didn't kill me," he says. "I killed him."

Bill Jett brings Melinda and his grandson back to his house and tells her the tale: He did die, for a few minutes. He could see and hear everything. Dr. Glassman was so stricken, so panicky, and he wanted to tell him he was fine. He could see there was something wrong with the doctor, then he had a heart attack in the hallway. In the OR, they were able to bring Bill back. He decided not to waste another second -- he'd go everywhere he could, see everything he could, teach, live a full life. But he's always felt guilty. If he'd known he could be revived, maybe the doctor wouldn't have died. Bill is sure of one thing -- Dr. Glassman fixed the hole in his heart and allowed him to have a great life. The grandson is touched by the story.

Delia goes to get her latte and learns that someone has left a gift for her. Roger is just leaving the shop. She's softening to him and says anyone this persistent deserves a second chance. He says it wasn't him behind the flowers, the mime, the gift. He's moved on. She opens the box and finds handtowels with her name on them and a note: "Roses are red, violets are blue, I can't hide my feelings, that's why I keep spilling things on you." She looks over to see the waiter setting tables outside the restaurant. "Since the first time I saw you, every time I try to talk to you, I get nervous," he says. "So I mess it all up." Whenever he sees her smile it makes him forget whatever he's doing. "How can I ignore this?" he asks and gazes upon Delia's smiling face.

That night Melinda brings the suction tool to Bill's house and the surgeon arrives at 9:13. "Where's my patient?" the ghost asks. She points out the elderly man who was his patient. The surgeon insists he killed the boy, he couldn't figure out what he did wrong.a Melinda tells him "You didn't kill him, you saved him." She shows the doctor all Bill's pictures and accomplishments. "He's not wasted one minute," says Melinda. The surgeon says his heart was in bad shape, it was just a matter of time. The grandson thanks the doctor for giving him his grandfather. The surgeon touches Bill over his heart and crosses over. This has also been a breakthrough for the grandson, who decides embrace his true self -- a math geek, not a skater thug.

Delia and the waiter sit down to a meal and toast, carefully. Jim and Melinda sit down for a romantic evening in front of the fire when she realizes, they thought Bill Jett was the ghost who was haunting the morgue, but he's not, so who is? Cut to the hospital and that patient banging his head against the morgue drawers. Bang bang bang...

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